Our Team

FELICE S.A.R.L. maintains two major offices in Beirut and Dubai and is highly recognized by its professionalism, commitments and skills. FELICE team is made of compatible and capable individuals who have worked together for several years in making of their entire production (producers, directors, chief-editors, graphic designers, chief operators, journalists and artistic managers).

Our Assets

Our assets include OB VAN with full crew, six to ten full digital cameras, HF camera, unlimited digital and SP recorders, wide angles, jimmy jib cranes, steadicam, camera lipstick, audio mixer, digital video mixer, frame synchronizer, video routing, switcher, monitors, headsets, intercom (clear-com) system (wired/wireless), remote control switcher video, patch panel (triax, multicolore, canon, bnc) digital cam, linear & non-linear editing, and other state-of-the-art industry related equipments.

Our Advantage

The main advantage of FELICE production in Dubai is its willingness to make its programs on site in the UAE and else where in the Arab world. At FELICE, we will be delighted to help you through our Production Consultancy Service and we are pleased to assist you with producing the following: documentaries, correspondence for leading TV station, TV commercials promotions, TV graphic design and corporate films.